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 I began writing at 10 years old the moment I picked up a guitar!

 At the age of 16, I had my first gig performing my original music at the famous "Pips" in Brooklyn and at 17 was offered a recording contract with a major label.   Not being of legal age I had to have my mother's permission to sign the contract. But Mom was a bit old fashioned and wouldn't let me.  She wanted me to go to college instead of going out on the road.  I agreed and graduated Brooklyn College with a degree in music composition.  
Over the years I kept tuning my craft and finally got lucky with a publishing deal :)  
I continued to write for TV and film and had much success with songs in major motion pictures and television series, writing both music and lyrics.

 Several years ago I created the  Bella Bambolina universe and characters.  Bella Bambolina is multi-media brand including a book adventure series, musical works and a virtual game world.  Currently I am the principal author and creative director. It's hard work but lots of fun!   For more